About the Blog

Hi. With my head stuck in the clouds or up my ass, the distinction the outer world and my inner world is often elusive.

This is a blog of my life, mostly as my thoughts and stories. I started this blog several years ago, and its content, purpose, and quality have drifted. Discussing music has been the only constant theme. In the beginning, I wrote about my exchange year in Stuttgart, Germany. Afterwards, back in the US, about running and life as an engineering undergrad. During my first two years in Dresden, Germany, I wrote little, having spent quite a while working on my reflection of my first months there. Hopefully, what I have written more recently reflects some years of practice. In this blog you will find my stories, some of which you might find entertaining, insightful, or informative. I tell my stories as accurately as I can conceive. In exchange for access to any value here, you will have to tolerate offensive language, excessive rationality, and brutal honesty.

“Doesn’t even have enough readers to compile real quotes”

“Interesting documentation of a young man’s development into an engineer”

“Cringy at best”

“He doesn’t really know anything about music, he just uses his own terms to describe it”

“Can’t tell if selfish or anxious”

“A clever mind thinking with little conception of there even being a box to think relative to”

I can twist images too

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