Last weekend, I raced in the Schaumburg Half-Marathon, while on Thanksgiving break. My first half-marathon. It was exhilarating. I got 25th overall, 2nd in my age group, with a time of 85:31, or 6:32/mile. Cool stuff. I think that if I had studied the course more beforehand I could have achieved my goal of under 85 minutes. Oh well. It was fun.


Official event photo. Looking down like a damned fool

The temperature was just above freezing for most of the race, my favorite. Can’t go wrong with some chill and a blue sky. I asked my parents to take a couple photos. I’m exhausted in each of them.


Participation and place medals

I know I’ll be doing more races like this. I’ve got the mind for endurance. For the first few miles of the race I was in a bit of a pack, then we thinned out. I found myself alone until the final mile, where some guy breathed down my neck until I blew him away in the last two hundred meters. I didn’t mind being alone. I had run alone all week. But it’s easier to run together.

It was strange to run with strangers, which I hadn’t done since the triathlon in high school. I connected with those running with me, even though I never spoke to them or made eye contact with them.

Like driving on the I-70 through Kansas among a pack just trying to get though the state and to their destination. No one goes to Kansas, only through. Creating personas and stories for people you’ll never meet, holding precisely 84 mph to stay out of the next speeding category, wondering if the entire state might just be the same three hills and farms copied and pasted repeatedly.



I like the low sun of winter. Something about the illusory looming of the day or night gives a cozier atmosphere.

I didn’t notice at first that by the end of the race, I had forgotten about the beginning. It felt like a previous life, and the race, the cold, lonely, strenuous race, changed me.

I looked up how many calories I burned based on sex, distance run and weight, and got over 1500. But that doesn’t account for wearing little clothing in near-freezing temperatures. Nonetheless, I spent the rest of the day eating.

Now comes indoor and outdoor track for the next six months.


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